Thursday, July 23, 2009

SPOTLIGHT: Lauren Fuller

Each week we will be picking three (3) members to spotlight to tell their alzheimer's story and why they are running in this year's New York City marathon. Check in each day or week for new updates on who will be spotlighted and get to know your teammates...(each person is picked at random)

Spotlight: Lauren Fuller
I always thought people who ran marathons were crazy, but when I received an email offering places in the marathon for the Alzheimer's Association, I decided to rethink and join the ranks of the insane. I had run a 10k in the spring which was much easier than I expected and gave me confidence that I could complete the marathon, especially for such an important cause.

Alzheimer's Disease has been a large part of my life since I was in middle school when my Grandma was diagnosed. It was very difficult to see her slowly fading but the real blow came when my mom was also diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's when I was a junior in high school. My grandma passed away while I was in college and my mom is in the final stages. She was an avid athlete and the most selfless and philanthropic person I have ever met and I know she would be doing this too if she could.

I am running in honor of my Grandma, my mom, my dad, my entire family and our friends who have all been affected by Alzheimer's and have been an unbelievable support system for my mom and for me. I am proud to be able to give something back and run in honor especially of my mom who is the greatest influence in my life.

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