Friday, July 17, 2009

FREE GU for Wearing JackRabbit Shirt
JackRabbit has begun a fantastic promotion in Central and Prospect Parks.

Every Sunday, beginning this Sunday July 19th, JackRabbit staff will be handing out FREE GU in Central Park and Prospect Park to all runners or cyclists wearing a JackRabbit shirt or hat. Every time you come by, every weekend you train, we'll be there for you with GU to help keep you going. You'll find us near Engineers Gate (90th St & 5th Ave) in Central Park and on West Drive near Garfield Place in Prospect Park. We'll be there from 9am until noon, rain or shine. Aside from a few Sundays where there are races in Central Park, we'll be there every day from now until the NYC Marathon in November. All you need to get your free GU is a JackRabbit shirt or hat. Don't have one? Come into any JackRabbit store and get a fantastic black technical T by Brooks for only $5! That's right, you can get a JackRabbit shirt for about the cost of 4 GU packs, and keep yourself in free GU every weekend for the rest of the summer. All you have to do is wear your shirt!Check the calendar to see which days we're not able to be in Central Park.

We'll be in Prospect Park every Sunday. Limit 1 GU per person each 30 mins.
(Thank Erin for the tip...)

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