Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spotlight: Lynn Kelly

Each week we will be picking a few members to spotlight to tell their Alzheimer's story and why they are running in this year's ING New York City Marathon. Check in each day or week for new updates on the highlighted members. This is a great way to get to know your teammates...(each person is picked at random).

Lynn Kelly's Mother

My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's over five years ago. My dad has watched his bride of 58 years lose who she is and become unable to do things that were second nature to her. I, along with my siblings, Michelle, Robin and Gus and spouses have watched the woman who raised us (or raised the one they love) slowly become someone else. We have been robbed of the mother we knew.

This year, we became bold in the face of this disease. We will raise $10,000 to be used toward finding a cure for this disease. (On July 25th, because of the huge hearts and generosity of so many people, we met our $10,000 goal. We are "Being Bold and Digging Deep" and have raised our goal to $12,000). Our goal is to prevent future families from confronting the loss of the man or woman who loved them and/or raised them.

We are using my legs to complete the marathon. We are all digging deep in our fundraising efforts. We ask that you join us and dig deep as well.

I also invite you to visit the blog I began when I declared I was going to run in the NYC Marathon.

Please leave me a note of support and encouragement. I love sharing this journey.

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